Principal's Succession List

Succession List of Principal /In-charge

SrNo Name of Principal Designation Duration
1 Smt. Krishna Jamaiyar Principal From 15-08-1960-To-31-07-1984
2 Dr. Prabha Sinha Prof. Incharge From 01-08-1984-To-26-04-1986
3 Dr. (Smt.) Bimla Singh Principal From 27-04-1986-To-17-07-1995
4 Dr. (Smt.) Shanti Sinha Principal From 18-07-1995-To-31-10-1999
5 Dr. Aruna Chatterjee Prof. Incharge From 27-11-1999-To-04-07-2001
6 Dr. Bimla Singh Principal From 05-07-2001-To-04-12-2001
7 Dr. Usha Sinhg Principal From 05-12-2001-To-19-11-2008
8 Dr. Asha Singh Principal From 20-11-2008-To-28-02-2014
9 Dr. Madhubala Verma Prof. Incharge From 01-03-2014-To-31-07-2014
10 Dr. Poonam Choudhury Prof. Incharge From 01-08-2014-To-08-08-2014
11 Dr. Pushpendra Kr. Verma Principal From 09-08-2014-To-31-01-2016
12 Dr. (Prof.) Usha Singh Principal From 01-02-2016-To-24-09-2017
13 Dr. Poonam Choudhury Prof. Incharge From 25-09-2017-To-31-07-2018
14 Prof. (Dr.) Usha Jha Prof. Incharge From 01-08-2018-To-24-10-2019
15 Prof. (Dr.) Meera Kumari Principal From 25-10-2019-To-24-10-2021
16 Prof. (Dr.) Punam Principal From 25-10-2021-To-24-03-2023
17 Prof. (Dr.) Lalan Kumar Principal From 24-03-2023-To-05-03-2024
18 Prof. (Dr.) Sadhana Thakur Principal From 06-03-2024-To-Continuee...